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Introducing Work Requests in Slope

[fa icon="calendar"] 4/11/18 2:37 AM / by Brian Bosché

We're excited to introduce Work Requests to Slope! Work Requests make it easy for teams to submit, review, and approve requests – and instantly create the resulting projects and tasks right in Slope. We know work requests are difficult to manage, and if they were a game show challenge, they may look something like this:


Marketing and creative teams struggle to manage all the requests they get from different stakeholders and departments across the organization. Typically teams will hack together a disjointed process using email inboxes, documents, forms, and file sharing tools, which usually leaves everyone frustrated. Slope's new Work Requests feature makes it easy for teams to manage requests, review and approve, and instantly create projects and tasks right in Slope. With a streamlined process, your requests won't fall through the cracks, and you will have all the information you need to deliver great work. You can see how Slope's Work Request feature works through the video below.


If you're a current user of Slope, you can try it out HERE. If you want to try Slope for free, you can create a new account HERE.

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Brian Bosché

Written by Brian Bosché

Brian is the CEO & Co-Founder of Slope. He previously ran a TernPro Creative, creative agency in Detroit, and worked with technology startups in the original class of Venture for America Fellows.