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Introducing @mentions in Slope

[fa icon="calendar"] 8/30/17 8:05 AM / by Brian Bosché

You can now use @mentions in Slope to send a notification and grab the attention of a team member.

We know our customers have a lot going on in Slope. With so many ongoing tasks and conversations, it's important to get the right person's attention if you have a question or comment. 

That's why we added @mentions! Now you can simply type a person’s @username in your message to send them an email and in-app notification. With @mentions, there is now a better way to communicate in Slope.

Here's how it works

How to use @mentions

To @mention someone type ‘@‘ followed by your teammate's name. Quickly select a user from the list by using your keyboard arrows or tabbing through. Click or press enter to select and add that user to your comment.

Admins and Members can @mention any other admin or member in your organization. You are only able to @mention Partners if that Partner has been asked to review that version of the content task. Partners can only @mention someone assigned to or reviewing the task they are working on.

Anyone who has been mentioned in a comment will receive an in-app notification and an email containing the comment so you can jump right to it. 

If you're a current user of Slope, you can try it out HERE. If you want to try Slope for free, you can create a new account HERE.

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Brian Bosché

Written by Brian Bosché

Brian is the CEO & Co-Founder of Slope. He previously ran a TernPro Creative, creative agency in Detroit, and worked with technology startups in the original class of Venture for America Fellows.