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Milestone Updates Just For You!

[fa icon="calendar"] 3/16/16 10:17 AM / by Kyle Gostinger

We’ve got a great Slope update for you this week. We’ve completely updated the way you see Milestones as well as some improvements to highlighting key information and usability.


Milestone layout

We’ve revamped the way Milestones are laid out. Now you see your comments in a more conversational style (think text messages or chat apps more than a comment thread) to the right of the asset. This allows you to view your asset and comment on it at the same time.

Listing users

We now show you lists of users when before we were only showing you a user count. On feedback counts and collaborator overflow lists you can now hover to reveal the users involved.

Owner identification

Everything created within Slope has an Owner. The user that originally created it or has authority over it. This user is now separated slightly on the left hand side of the collaborator list.

Date selector update

We’ve improved the experience with out date selector to allow you to start with no due date and to also clear due dates if necessary.

Topics: Product

Kyle Gostinger

Written by Kyle Gostinger

Head of Product at Slope