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Introducing Stage Tracker In Slope

[fa icon="calendar"] 11/2/16 10:16 AM / by Brian Bosché

Staying organized is hard. We know this pain incredibly well from our time as a creative agency. Tracking deliverables and staying organized with lots of people doing lots of work across lots of projects requires a Herculean level of attention to detail. With Stage Tracker, teams now have a top level view of all work in progress.


Stage Tracker allows you to see what your team is working on and track progress across different projects. As you work through deliverables, stages are automatically updated. Let me say that again… Stage Tracker AUTOMATICALLY TRACKS the progress of all your deliverables. No more moving cards, emailing teammates for updates, or work falling through the cracks. Deliverables are sorted into stages and tracked from the creation through completion. Tracking progress just got a lot easier.


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Brian Bosché

Written by Brian Bosché

Brian is the CEO & Co-Founder of Slope. He previously ran a TernPro Creative, creative agency in Detroit, and worked with technology startups in the original class of Venture for America Fellows.