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Introducing Image Annotations In Slope

[fa icon="calendar"] 10/26/16 7:06 AM / by Brian Bosché

The review process can be one of the most frustrating stages of a creative project. Most teams end up hacking together an ineffective process using email and file sharing tools (heaven-forbid you print something, draw on it, and scan it!). At Slope, we want to make this process easier, and that's why we're excited to launch image annotations!

Now it’s easier than ever to provide accurate feedback on images, designs, photos, and graphics during the review process.


Annotations allow anyone giving feedback to write a comment tied to a specific location on an image, design, photo, or graphic. Eliminate the confusion during the review process by making your comments specific. Your team (and inbox) will thank you!


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Brian Bosché

Written by Brian Bosché

Brian is the CEO & Co-Founder of Slope. He previously ran a TernPro Creative, creative agency in Detroit, and worked with technology startups in the original class of Venture for America Fellows.