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How To Use Video In Unexpected Ways To Grow Your Business

[fa icon="calendar"] 6/26/18 7:01 AM / by Hassaan Bey

Personalization is the future of how businesses communicate. Don’t get me wrong, it’s here in the present—industries are getting more personalized every day, but this trend is only going to get bigger.

At Slope, we started out as a video agency and know first hand how powerful video can be, especially when using it as a tool to build a relationship with an audience. While video can be used to convey lots of different emotions, we’ve found it can be a great way to truly add a personalized and delightful experience to an otherwise dry customer journey (not to mention increase your open rate).


We’ve put together a list of places you might not expect where video can be used as an authentic way to connect with your viewer and offer some delight along their customer journey.

We’ve included some examples to help you visualize what we’re talking about (and give you an opportunity to see the difference first hand between a video and written words).

Pro Tips:

  • If you don’t have any lights, windows are big and soft light sources that are great alternatives. Make sure you’re facing the window so the light is falling on you (instead of facing away, in which case you are just blocking the light and will look like a silhouette)
  • It’s a great idea to know what you’re going to say, reading or reciting a script will undermine your attempts at coming off as genuine. Write up a few bullet points to stay focused, and just talk naturally like you were leaving a voicemail (except maybe smile this time).
  • Look directly into the camera! Unlike documentary and interview camera set-ups, where the speaker is looking slightly off camera, you want the viewer to feel like an active participant instead of a casual observer.

Prospect/cold emails


While cold emails have warmed up through some of the ways technology allows us to personalize them, for the most part they still feel pretty… cold. Especially for those of us in B2B, it’s become pretty easy to spot formulaic {Customer-Name} and {Company-Name} copy.

Instead, show your potential customers who it is they’d be replying to and working with moving forward. First impressions go a long way, and putting a face behind an email address shows a willingness to work human-to-human and not simply business-to-customer.

Sales follow-up emails


Including a personalized video when following up after a sales call gives you an opportunity to set yourself apart while emphasizing any of the potential value you demonstrated on the call itself.

Using video here utilizes all of the human-to-human principles to demonstrate that working together human-to-human (or human-to-humans if you’re selling to a team) doesn’t turn into a cold business-to-customer dynamic as soon as you get off the call. This allows you to stand out as you recap the challenges they communicated and the ways you can help address them.



Trying to restore warmth to a previously qualified lead that’s gone unresponsive? Send them a video! Re-engagement is another great place along the sale cycle to remind a potential customer that there’s a human behind these emails. Recap your last discussion and talk about any updates or changes to your product/service that fits the problems they’re experiencing. Sometimes it’s just about staying top of mind, but it never hurts to have even more value to add when trying to reconnect.



Once you’ve finally made the sale, it’s time for your nascent customer(s) to adopt your product/service regularly into their workflow. Using a product/service for the first time can be daunting, and great customer success means making sure new customers have all of the help and resources they need to be successful. What better way is there to make them feel confident that they have access to all of the help they need than to send them a video letting them know! In our example, we’ve even introduced them to someone else dedicated to their success, which is much more personal than a simple CC’d intro. After all, it’s much easier to ask for help from a person than from a for-profit organization.



Nobody likes churn. In fact, we all hate it. Even the customer who’s deciding to leave hates it because it means she’s been wasting her time. But when customers leaves you, you still need to leave them with the best impression you can. While they may be feeling frustrated or annoyed that your product/service wasn’t as good of a fit as they initially thought you don’t want that to be the last thing they associate you with.

Take advantage of the last opportunity to delight them with a human-to-human experience in an otherwise cold exchange. Admit that you might not be the best fit, and ask them why. But most importantly, wish them luck. You don’t want them to feel like all of your personal attention was just for the money; instead, leave them with impression that you’ve been genuine the whole time.

Customer service


Have you noticed the theme behind using videos to personalize the customer journey? Human-to-human is a better experience for a customer than just business-to-customer. Delivering that human-to-human experience is particularly helpful when dealing with a customer service issue.

When just dealing with A Faceless Company, it’s easy to feel like a low priority—especially compared to attracting new business. Sending your customers a video letting them know that you’re on top of solving their problem, however, shows a commitment to their success.

Responding on social media


Using video to respond on social channels takes that human-to-human dynamic typically reserved to wow potential and existing customers and puts it on display for everyone else to see. This is great for developing your brand as one that is accessible and relatable, and advertises the type of quality relationship you offer your customers.


As you can see, there’s opportunity all along the buyer’s journey to connect with potential and existing customers in an authentic way. Stand out from your competition not only by using video, but by taking advantage of video to show that you’re a living breathing human instead of a faceless company representative.

Do you use video in creative ways to communicate with your customers? Have any ideas we didn’t include? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Hassaan Bey

Written by Hassaan Bey

Hassaan is the Creative Manager at Slope. He's worked with brands on hundreds of campaigns and projects to help tell their story.