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How To Use Slope | May Product Update

[fa icon="calendar"] 5/25/16 11:20 AM / by Brian Bosché

Our biggest update yet!

We’ve made some major updates and improvements to Slope in the last few months. To illustrate these changes, we created a demo company—Arrow Software—to demonstrate some best practices on Slope’s capabilities and how you can get the most out of what Slope offers.


The highest level of organization in Slope is a collection. A collection is a group of related projects that tie back to a campaign, initiative, or team. For Arrow Software, examples include Marketing Product Launch and Sales Collateral Update.

How to Use Slope

Each individual project within a collection is related to a particular set of deliverables. The collection, “Marketing Product Launch” includes the following projects: Product Launch Video, Social Media Posts, Whitepaper Graphics, and Landing Page Designs. Each one of these projects ties back to the overall need of the original initiative—Marketing Product Launch.

How to Use Slope

For each project, you can plan out individual deliverables, set due dates, and assign responsibilities to individual team members. Each member of your team will know what they need to produce and when. For example, in the Product Launch Video, our deliverables include Voiceover Script, Brand Bumper Animations, 3min Video, 1min Video, and Thumbnail. Each of these deliverables is a work item within the project intended to be assigned, worked upon, iterated upon, and completed. You are also able to go through an approval request cycle on each version of the deliverable to ensure team buy-in during the content creation process.

Team members assigned to work on a deliverable can upload any file type needed to satisfy the task at hand. With Slope, you are able to view dozens of file types directly in the browser, including HD video. We even work on mobile. ;-) For a full list of viewable file types please view our documentation here.

How to Use Slope

With the intended file uploaded, it’s easy to gather feedback from team members and clients on work-in-progress. When edits are necessary, you can upload a new version within the same deliverable, allowing the team to keep track of changes and hold each other accountable at each stage of the project. Once approved, your deliverable can be marked as complete, and that piece of content is ready for distribution and consumption.

Thanks so much to the hundreds of users who have chimed in, provided feedback, and helped us make Slope better every day. We are thrilled to share our progress with you. If you have any questions, please email me at

Brian Bosché

Written by Brian Bosché

Brian is the CEO & Co-Founder of Slope. He previously ran a TernPro Creative, creative agency in Detroit, and worked with technology startups in the original class of Venture for America Fellows.