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Content Your HR Department Will LOVE You For

[fa icon="calendar"] 12/6/18 10:59 AM / by Hassaan Bey

The HR team at your company has a lot on their plate and plays an important role in helping a business grow better and smarter. From choosing the right employees and setting realistic wages, to saving a company on costs through the development of internal training programs, the human resources department can easily make or break a growing business. After all, the people of a business are what drives growth and profitability.



But we aren’t here just to tell you how important HR is, we are tooting their horn because we know HR execs need a hand from other departments to help their operation run smoothly and more effectively, specifically when it comes to the content they use. In this article, we will be opening you up to a variety of content that you can work on with your HR team to help make their jobs easier.

How to Improve HR Functions Through Content

Whether its content to supplement the recruiting process, or video training to aid in workforce management and onboarding, we will be going over all the kinds of content you can co-create with the HR department to positively affect the growth of your business. Sometimes even, HR execs might not be aware of how your content team can be helpful in making the HR department more effective.

So it’s time to break the imaginary 4th wall between departments and start finding solutions together on how to run a better business! Let’s get into the ways you can improve HR functions with creative content, starting with having a conversation with them.

Sit Down With the HR Team

Before you start brainstorming ideas on how to help the HR team with the content they might need, you first need to assess their wants and needs by understanding the HR process. Find an HR executive or someone who can give you a rundown of how the recruitment or onboarding process works and start taking notes on how things are run.

This way, you can learn the various roles and areas of the HR team and evaluate what their priorities are. Ask the HR team to highlight the different points of contact where employees or prospective employees might need to read or consume some kind of information in order to move on to the next phase of a process.

If the HR department is huge and seems complex, grab different people on your content team to consolidate information on each area and have everyone share findings together. Once you have listened in on the entire process in the different areas of HR, you can then start to propose how to improve the current content they have or create new content that streamlines their process while making it easier and more intuitive for people running through the funnel to become an employee or grow internally into a veteran.

Content Used for Recruiting

The recruitment process requires strong negotiation skills, competitive and realistic wage-setting, and an understanding of employment trends and what attracts the best employees. On top of the numbers, data, and research, recruitment strongly reflects the company’s image and should always be presented in a way that leaves a lasting impression on the candidates at every stage of the recruitment process. Content that could be helpful for the recruitment process include:

1. Introduction Video of Company Mission, Work Culture, and Values

If you don’t already have an introduction video explaining a bit of the company’s mission and value and how employees help reach company goals, you should consider making one for the recruitment process. This kind of introduction video can be used to get prospective candidates excited about the company and see if they fit in and align with the company’s values. It’s a great way to vet out candidates that don’t care to progress the mission of the company.

2. Short Infographic or Video on Job Roles and Descriptions

Stand out to candidates by creating videos or infographics that quickly give an overview of what the HR department is looking for in the next open role at a company. Quickly outlining the job and its functions in a short video can quickly garner interest from potential candidates that might be perfect for your role.

3. Spice Up the Emails

The corporate image and brand of a company are always important to keep in mind when reaching out to potential candidates. How a company looks in the content that people outside of the business consume strongly influences how much respect and professionalism will be associated with the company. To create a visually pleasing recruitment experience, you can consider creating emails that are more engaging by adding awesome signatures at the end or more company graphics sprinkled in throughout HR’s automated emails.

Remember to talk to your HR team to see where they need the most improvement in the recruitment process with content that is more engaging for potential candidates.

Content Used for Employee Onboarding and Development

Once candidates have gone through the recruitment process and have come out the other side as employees, there is a whole new world of content that you can help the HR team create to help progress workforce management. It is important this content is as clear as possible, without losing the ethos of the company in the graphics or videos you decide to make. Some ideas HR improvement ideas include:

1. Welcome Videos When Onboarding

Improving the efficiency of the onboarding process with thorough and engaging videos can help a company save time and energy when bringing on new hires. Your new hires will appreciate it, too – if they can easily access the information they might have missed in an orientation session, they will feel more confident in the new role they have been placed in. You can discuss creating a video portal with your HR team that outlines the onboarding process and what employees can expect in the weeks to come.

2. Training Videos for New Hires

Training a new hire successfully is a challenge that can be met with the creation of organized and well-planned videos for each role in the company. Although recording an entire training session can seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be if you have the right workflow in place to keep your video production organized.

3. Pamphlets or Brochures for Career Development Programs/Events

If HR has a focus on promoting employees within an organization, you want to make sure that message gets across well to current employees. If HR has created some kind of career development program or event that highlights internal growth opportunities, the content to supplement this information should be eye-catching and inviting.

Improve Effectiveness of HR Through Content

Not only does HR affect the bottom line of the company, but they have a lot of influence regarding employee satisfaction, the corporate image, and making a business last. That is why it is important the content team work closely with HR to find content opportunities that will lead the HR team to success.

After you have found out what opportunities your HR team can make the most of, check out Slope’s creative management platform to help you organize all of your creative content in one place.

Did we miss a content type that would dramatically improve the HR process? Let us know in the comments section below!

Hassaan Bey

Written by Hassaan Bey

Hassaan is the Creative Manager at Slope. He's worked with brands on hundreds of campaigns and projects to help tell their story.